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baseball is love

28 September
I'm Erika and I love the Atlanta Braves. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I love this place. I never ever want to move. ..what would life be like without the Braves? I don't even want to imagine it..*sob*..but more on my baseball obsession.

I LOVE baseball. No, not love, LIVE FOR. I live for baseball. Whoever came up with that "I Live for This" slogan is brilliant. I am madly in love with the Atlanta Braves and anything relating to the Braves. They are what pretty much keeps me going through rough periods. My favorite players include Chipper Jones, Jeff Francoeur, Andruw Jones, Brian McCann, Tim Hudson, and John Smoltz. :-P My arch rival i-despise-them-more-than-you-know-teams are the Yankees and Mets. But don't be afraid I'm willing to accept any baseball fan regardless of what team they may cheer for. I mean hey, my best friend is a Yankee fan and we have *cough* minimal to no arguments. I'm being serious!

I'm a genuinely nice person. I'm never in a bad mood unless something is REALLY wrong like the Braves aren't doing well. People tell me I'm one of the happiest people they've ever met which just makes me more happy. :-) I'm EXTREMELY outgoing. I'm one of those people that you will think is interesting or just extremely annoying. But its all good, I take pride in being different. I am very passionate things. Such as Baseball, the Braves, my men, politics, history and other various things. Get a conversation started on one of those things and I will talk your ear off so beware. :-P

Last but not least: Got a problem with the Atlanta Braves? I don't need to hear about it. :-) Trust me, I get enough of all that shit at school. Yes I know I'm obsessed with the Braves and I don't need anyone else telling me what I should like or not like. Baseball is my entire life and I have no problem admitting that.

baseball, the Braves, John Smoltz, Brian McCann, Chipper Jones, Jeff Francoeur, october baseball, Harry Potter, the World Series, Christmas, Spring Training, everything BASEBALL, chocolate, history, sushi, reading, computers, traveling, movies, country music, baseball, baseball and baseball.

The Yanks, the Mets, Barry Bonds, the offseason.

Yep. So THATS ME. If you like me please do add me, I like meeting new people. Its fun. Just make sure we have a common interest or something. :-)

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